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Victoria's Automotive Detailing & Paint Shop

We are your premiere detail & paint specialists. Click below to find the service you need.

Meet the Team

With over 25 years experience, we have the most experienced technicians on the island.

Ian Young-Thompson

My name is Ian, and I am the owner and founder of Island Detail & Color. Victoria's premiere shop since 1992.

Color Team

We are the Color Team and paint restoration is our bread and butter. 65 years' experience between us.

Patrick Alexander

Meet Patrick Alexander, a decade on the job and experience in all positions at Island Detail and Color.

Our Happy Clients

After purchasing a “new to me” vehicle I took it to Island Detail to have it cleaned up. I was blown away by the whole experience. My service technician drove me back to work, he made it like new top to bottom, and fixed my broken side mirror, all in a day. My vehicle came home smelling like a new car and I couldn’t have been happier!

– Tanis Danyluk

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Our Latest Articles

Join the hundreds of thousands of readers who get their car care information from Island Detail & Color

Why Does My Paint Have Swirl Marks?

Many vehicles of all ages, even cars less than a year old, are covered in swirls and "spiderwebs" that are clearly visible in direct sunlight. Learn why.

Crazy Car Paint Facts

What colours are safest? Does a red car get you more speeding tickets? What colours result in highest resale value? For these answers and more, click here.

Team Member Position Available

A competitive wage that increases with your performance is just one of the many benefits of joining our detail shop team. Learn about the benefits here.

How We Match Paint Colours

To save you money, we would rather repair a damaged area than replace the entire panel. Here is how we achieve a perfect paint match for your vehicle.

Do Some Paint Colours Fade Faster Than Others?

Even though it seems like some vehicle paint colours fade faster than others, notably red or black, does the scientific evidence support or contradict this claim?

Why Does Rain Make Your Car Dirty?

Why does rain make your car dirty? We are using the google "autocomplete" function to answer the most common questions you have about vehicle detailing.

Some Recent Work

Check out some of our most resent jobs from the paint shop

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