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Don’t let scrapes, chips, and rust get the upper hand.
Take charge, and have your vehicle restored for less than your deductible.

About Island Color

Island Color is an automotive paint repair company that has been serving greater Victoria, BC for over 22 years. After 200K customers we have become Victoria’s experts at paint restoration, rock damage, bumper repair, rim repair, and restoration of all exterior mouldings including headlights, door jams, and wiper arms.

Not only are we able to repair chipped paint and damaged bumpers, we are able to do it for less than your deductible. Selling your car or returning it from a lease? Do what all of the car lots in town do and bring it to us for restoration so you can get top dollar for your vehicle.   Click for prices.


Meet The Team

Patrick Alexander

Meet Patrick Alexander, a decade on the job and experience in all positions at Island Detail and Color.

Color Team

We are the Color Team and paint restoration is our bread and butter. 65 years' experience between us.

Ian Young-Thompson

My name is Ian, and I am the owner and founder of Island Detail & Color. Victoria's premiere shop since 1992.

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