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Ceramic Coatings: Choosing A Shop

Ceramic Coatings: Choosing a Shop

Make sure you pick the right shop for your vehicle’s ceramic coating. Here’s how.

A correctly applied ceramic coating will last for years, all the while providing you with the glossy, beautiful, easy-to-clean car of your dreams. The key is, “correctly applied”. When it comes to ceramic coatings, it’s really worth the energy to track down someone who will do it well. You want to find a shop that takes the same pride in their work as you do in your vehicle.

From Prep to Polish

As with so many things in the automotive world, the prep work is as important to the end result as the actual application. The world’s greatest ceramic coating applied to a poorly prepared vehicle will yield disappointing results. You want to find a shop that will do the whole job for you, from paint correction all the way through coating application. At Island Detail, our Ceramic Coating Service includes complete paint correction, hand wash and dry, a clay bar, and of course the actual application of ceramic coating.

The main advantage to getting paint correction and preparatory cleaning done on site is that your vehicle won’t be exposed tot he elements between each step, and the coating will be applied the moment the vehicle is ready to accept it. In terms of aesthetics, coatings don’t add much; what they are great at is “locking in” the present state of a vehicle’s finish. So, to get the best result, you need the best prep.

Look Around

Check out online reviews to see what other motorists have to say about the companies you are considering working with. Never completely trust a single review, but you should get an overall impression by reading through as many as possible.

At Island Detail, we take the time to make sure we understand exactly what the customer wants from us, and vice versa. We want you, the owner of the vehicle, to be engaged throughout the whole process so you know exactly what is going to happen to your car, and therefore, exactly what to expect. We aren’t interested in surprise fees or sneaky charges – our amazing reputation is founded on our growing list of happy clients.

The Products are Important

We’ve talked about how crucial it is to make sure you are getting the best in terms of experienced installers, but you also want to make sure that they product they are going to use is up to the challenge. We use EPIC ceramic coatings, because we believe they are the best the industry has to offer.

An honest shop understands that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for auto care, which is why we like to talk to each client about their personal goals and priorities. We want you to be proud of your car, and will do everything we can to bring back the feeling you got the very first day you drove it. Just give us a shout, we’d love to chat about your next project.

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