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Customer Reviews

Nothing makes us more proud than these kind words.

Toyota Echo

My 2003 Toyota echo with 310,000 well loved kms on it looks brand new thanks to Island Detail and Color! Thanks so much! Looking forward to her next 310,000!

Cut Polish

They did a fantastic full detail inside n out along with a cut polish on my mustang. Let’s hope she wins in the car show at JDF soccer field tomorrow! Thanks guys you did an awesome job!

Family Detail

As a young parent with a crazy 3 1/2 year old, and a partner who plays both ice hockey and roller hockey, it is reasonable to say my car can get absolutely horrific at times, both in sight and smell (thanks kiddo, thanks hockey gear). I had my car detailed inside and out by these guys and I was absolutely blown away by their professionalism, kind and friendly attitudes, and most of all, the integrity and precision they put into every last detail of their work. I would recommend these wonderful gents in a heart beat to anyone looking to get spot on, and spectacular service done.

Scraped Quarter Panel

My rear quarter panel had some nasty scrapes from turning too sharp in the parkade and I needed to get it dealt with before it started to rust. I took it to 2 different places for estimates and wasn’t super happy about them and then decided to try here. There quote was 1/4 of the other estimates! And they fit me in the next day! Amazing work and can’t wait to get detailing done here!

Budget Car Rental

We have been dealing with Island color for the past 10 plus years for our paint and detail work. We are 100% satisfied with the work, the pricing is more than fair and the staff are always friendly and polite. Island Color is an example of professionalism from the owner all the way to the newest employee. Thank you Island Color for helping improve our dealership. You are a great example of locally owned business catering to the community.

Spa Day!

I have been using Island Color for more than 10 years and they do a great job painting scuffed bumpers. Their repairing of curbed wheels make them look new. It really is like giving your vehicle a day at the spa! All at reasonable price.

Brand Stinkin’ New

Thanks to the pros at Island Detail I am again driving a ‘brand stinkin’ new’ Beamer! Thanks so much to all the gents there that worked on my car today. The BEST!

7 years of spilled milk

I dropped my husbands car off to get detailed as a surprise for his birthday. The car was so filthy and disgusting I have refused to actually step foot in it for about six months now. We are talking seven years of carting around little boys to soccer, spilled milk bottles on the floor, Cheerios ground into the seats, muddy footprints on the backs of the driver side and passenger side seats. Not only was the cart disgusting but when the team tried to drive it into the bay, it wouldn’t start. They put the car in neutral and pushed it around all day to get the job done and even managed to get the car started by pick up time. The car looks better than when we bought it. They did an amazing job. Thanks guys, great work.

New to Me

After purchasing a “new to me” vehicle I took it to Island Detail to have it cleaned up. I was blown away by the whole experience. My service technician drove me back to work, he made it like new top to bottom, and fixed my broken side mirror, all in a day. My vehicle came home smelling like a new car and I couldn’t have been happier!

I Love It!

I am in awe, It is absolutely fabulous! I LOVE IT! Now I think I want to keep it!

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