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We are sure that you have taken a look around the Island Detail and Color website by now and you are looking for more info, a quote on a unique problem, or a specific question about a service. We are more than happy to help. If you would like an immediate response, and it is during business hours, just give us a call using the phone numbers on the right. If it is after hours, you can check out our FAQs page to find some answers, or use the contact form below. If you think that you have a repair issue that needs a special quote outside our services menu, tell us a bit about it below and we will be able to give you some insights. 

Need some more inspiration? Read some great articles and stories on our blog, and check out some of our recent work in our portfolio. We can’t wait to hear from you, and it will be even better to meet you in person!


Island Color
740 Princess Ave
Victoria, BC
(250) 386-0615

Island Detail
Drop-Off At
740 Princess Ave
(250) 386-0619

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