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Island Detail Ozone Treatment

Ozone treatment is the use of the gas ozone (O3) to remove odors, bacteria, and VIRUSES from your vehicle. Your detailer will place an ozone generator in the ventilation system of your vehicle, and as the gas permeates your car, odours are neutralized and any bacteria and viruses are killed. Ozone treatments are the best possible option when you are worried about the sterilization of your vehicle. As a gas, it can reach far under seats, saturate upholstery fibers, and reach all the nooks and crannies that you cannot.

Ozone Treatment
Ozone treatment is the use of the gas ozone (O3) to remove odors, bacteria, and VIRUSES from your vehicle. Add this on to any detail service!

What's Involved

As part of any normal detail service, we sanitize all interior surfaces of your vehicle. But what about the air inside your vehicle and deep inside the ventilation system? That is where an Ozone Treatment comes into play.

Ozone is the most powerful sterilant in the world. Ozone uses the chemical reaction of oxidation to break down unwanted molecules. O3 is an unstable molecule that, when it comes into contact with any other type of molecule, will destroy it through the process of oxidation. Bacteria and viruses are destroyed when ozone comes into contact with the cell wall and breaks it down on a molecular level, effectively destroying the cell entirely.

After the detailing of your vehicle is complete, we attach our Ozone Generator into the ventilation system of your vehicle for between 30 minutes and 4 hours and up to overnight if needed, which guarantees the best possible neutralization of viruses and bacteria that may have collected over all of your years of ownership.

Ozone Treatment FAQ

Does Ozone Treatment kill Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Yes! Ozone (so-called trioxygen) is a blue gas, with a density greater than air, making it an ideal disinfectant for both air and water. It kills single and multicellular organisms with low cell specialization, i.e. bacteria, viruses (including COVID-19) or mushrooms (fungi). Its operating time is about 30 minutes, after this time you can enjoy the fresh air and germ-free rooms. Until today it has not been scientifically confirmed that any micro-organisms are said to have become immune to the disinfectant effect of ozone.

How Effective is Ozone Treatment?

Ozone is one of the most powerful disinfectants. It is 50 times more effective at disinfection compared to the most popular disinfectant – chlorine, and the effects of its action are visible 3,000 times faster. Simply put, it is the very best way to disinfect the ventilation system of your vehicle, hands down.

Can I remove odours with Ozone Treatment?

Yes! Ozone odor removal is permanent, provided you have removed the source of the smell. Your detailer will thoroughly clean your car before the ozone treatment. It’s important to make sure that the cause of any smell is taken care of. In the case of mildew, make sure you have dealt with the source of the dampness as well.

One of the biggest causes of vehicle odors that can be removed is tobacco smoke. Phenol, an invisible chemical present in secondhand smoke, is responsible for irritation of the eyes and respiratory tract. An ozone treatment will completely oxidize any remaining phenol gas, effectively neutralizing the odor. In this case, the odor will not return because the molecules have been destroyed rather than masked or filtered.

Do I need an appointment?

We can get you in on the same day, but give us a call or send us an email and we can hold a spot in line for you.

Are there ever extra charges?

No extra charges, for the stated fee you get Ozone Treatment as a part of your detail. You can also step up to a full exterior detail or complete car detail if you need to take things to the next level, and in that case we will include the Ozone Treatment for free.

How long does it take?

You can expect the Ozone Treatment to add 20-30 minutes to your normal car wash or interior/exterior detail.

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