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Five Reasons to Fix That Bumper

There are more, but these are the best.

At Island Color we see damaged vehicles all day, every day. So for us, it is pretty obvious why repairing what seems like simple cosmetic damage is actually extremely important for the long term safety and reliability of your vehicle.  We answer this question a lot, so we thought we would turn it into an article that outlines the top five reasons to have your bumper repaired. Since we do this repair for less than your deductible, it really is a no brainer when you consider the savings in the long run.

Reason 1: Increase/Maintain Vehicle Value

Your vehicle is always depreciating. The problem is that when you have even a small fender bender and there is visible damage to your car, it depreciates dramatically the moment of the accident. Vehicles in disrepair are viewed as less valuable by potential buyers, less safe to insurers, and they can cause damage to internal components if left damaged and exposed to the elements. This bring us to:

Reason 2: Prevent Further Vehicle Damage

Torn or scratched bumper covers are bad, but more significant damage can lead to extensive problems later on down the road. In particular, exposed portions of the frame are susceptible to the elements, which can result in rust and damage to vital vehicle structures. If your bumper is partially detached, the detachment can become worse with time, causing undo strain on the supporting structures of your vehicle. In short, leaving your bumper unfixed can lead to larger problems and more damage. Vehicle damage leads us to reason number 3, which is:

Reason 3: Safety Hazards

Bumpers are designed to provide you and your vehicle with collision protection, in the event you’re in an accident. However, a partially detached or otherwise damaged bumper may not be capable of protecting you and your passengers. Also, your bumper may become further detached while you’re driving down the road, which can lead to all sorts of safety hazards. You do not want to be traveling down the highway and have your bumper scraping against the roadway. Its better to opt for accident repair instead.

Reason 4: Increase Resale Value, Decrease Time on Market

We have covered the value of repairs when it comes to putting a vehicle on the market before. (We highly recommend this article). When your vehicle has damage, people immediately avoid purchasing or they greatly reduce their offer. The reason behind this is simple: Any damage to a car is the equivalent of a bill for a future repair. Studies have shown that by the time people show up to view your car when it is up for sale, they have already demonstrated that they want to buy it. What they are looking for is a reason NOT to buy it. Don’t give them a reason, instead, show them a cosmetically and mechanically perfect vehicle (especially when the repair is so cheap).

Reason 5: Perception Matters

Like it or not, when people see your vehicle, they make immediate assumptions about you, and judgements based on their own biases and experiences. Studies have shown that when your car, workstation, or person, is left in disrepair or left unkept, it attaches a negative connotation to your work ethic and reliability. You and I both know that Einstein had hair like the Bride of Frankenstein and looked like a disheveled mess but he still ended up doing fine. In your industry it might be a big deal, or it might not, but either way, keeping your personal items maintained shows you have attention to detail and the ability to keep things under control, even when life throws a rock or two your way.

Having a Bumper Problem?

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