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What is a Good Waxing Schedule?

Learn how to protect your investment, and keep it looking fantastic.

Waxing should be done as soon as you notice water not forming into beads on your car. Generally, vehicles need to be waxed at least once a season – especially before summer temperatures rise, and once before winter sets in. For increased protection waxing should be done once a month, and for ultimate gloss, you’ll need to wax your car every couple of weeks.

If you want ultimate protection, but your schedule doesn’t allow for waxing your car twice per week, simply take advantage of our detailing services.

Caring for the Paint

Paint is more than just an aesthetic touch – it is a thin layer of armour that protects your car’s bodywork from the elements. Modern water-based paints can be damaged by weathering and abrasion, which will create a chick in the armour and leave your car vulnerable to rust. Wax is crucial to keeping your paint in tip top shape.

When to Wax

For the driveway detailer, it can be tricky to decide when a new coat of wax is required. Here are our best tips to help you properly maintain your car’s coating.


Time of year plays an important factor in wax deterioration. Generally, wax lasts longer in summer because it enjoys mild temperatures and little rain. In most places, you can get away with waxing your car once during the summer. When fall and winter sets in, you will need to step up your game. Rain, snow, salt, and road grime are all factors that are trying to destroy your car’s finish. Ideally, you will wax your car once a month when the weather turns nasty.


Consider where your car spends most of its time. If you leave your vehicle parked under trees, you will need to wax often to protect the paint from sap. Salt is a catalyst for corrosion, so if you live somewhere near the sea, you should wax regularly. Other environmental factors like smog, dirt, UV rays, and extreme temperature can all cause damage as well.

Wax Type

Liquid waxes are easy to apply, but only last a month or so. A hard wax that contains carnauba is more labour intensive to apply but does a better job of protecting your car and will last much longer. We think hard waxes are worth the effort.

Age and Condition

New cars that have been well cared for generally don’t need as much work as vehicles that have been around the block a few times. An old car with dull and scratched paint will require regular polishing and waxing, and perhaps a colour restorer, to help coax it back to life.

Waxing is important. If your car is looking far gone, you might be in need of a professional job to bring it back up to par. Give us a call and schedule an appointment, and we can help you figure out what’s right for your vehicle.

Do you find yourself scrambling to come up with enough time to wax your vehicle when you need it? If the laborious task of wax-on-wax-off isn’t really your style these days, you should consider a ceramic coating. A ceramic coating will provide you with the gold standard of vehicle gloss and paint protection AND take the hassle out of vehicle maintenance.

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