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Restoring Faded Moldings

Island Detail and Color is the intersection of Your Car, Your Passion, and Your Pride.

Nothing quite compares to the way your vehicle looked the first time you saw it. The pristine paint, ink black tires, luxurious upholstery, and tight performance all contribute to the indescribable feeling of motoring perfection. However, years of ownership and use will result in faded paint, dirty upholstery, and mechanical degradation.

Among the first components that show visible deterioration are the plastic mouldings that surround your car. Mouldings are typically found around the base or middle of your doors and line the wheel wells, but this service can be performed on all your vehicle’s exterior plastic surfaces. This plastic, usually black or the same colour as your vehicle’s body, is susceptible to fading caused by UV damage. Faded mouldings are seriously detrimental to the overall look of your vehicle. The good news is that Island Color is here to provide quick and inexpensive moulding restoration – click here to go to the service page, and keep reading to learn more.

Here’s how we do moulding restoration at Island Color:

Mouldings are designed to get scuffed up and save your car’s metal body from abuse. Due to their sacrificial role, they are placed in high-wear zones of your vehicle. You won’t believe the difference that rejuvenating faded and scuffed mouldings will make.

The first step is masking off the areas to protect against overspray. Once masked off, we will sand down the mouldings to get a smooth and even finish. If there are significant gouges, we will use filler before sanding to bring everything up to the same level.

After everything is prepped, we begin spraying paint. If your moulding matches the colour of your vehicle’s body, we’ll find the manufacturer’s paint codes to ensure a perfect match. If they are black, we will use a robust all-weather black paint to make the mouldings look brand new.

Once the paint is dry, we remove the masking and check to make sure everything is up to our standards. This process can be done in one day at our shop, so there will be no need to leave your vehicle overnight.

Island Detail & Color is Your One-Stop-Shop

At Island Detail & Color, we think of ourselves as “the intersection of your car, your passion, and your pride”. All our services are designed to make your vehicle as beautiful as possible, and nothing brings us as much joy as restoring your ride to its full potential. To schedule an appointment or ask the experts, simply get in touch with us through our contact page. Follow these links to learn more about our Detailing, Painting, and Small Collision Services.

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