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Is Cosmetic Damage Worth Fixing?

What’s the point in repairing aesthetic damage?

Is It Necessary to Repair Cosmetic Damage?

Car ownership is expensive. Insurance, depreciation, regular maintenance, and rising gas prices make us reluctant to spend another dime on our vehicles. When a minor cosmetic mishap occurs – a bumper dent, small paint chip, or scratch – it can turn into that one thing that we will take care of… next week.

From a financial perspective, it’s important to understand when you need to repair cosmetic damage immediately so it doesn’t turn into a major problem that will cost you big bucks down the road.


Any mechanical issues are obviously safety concerns. Problems with the suspension, drivetrain, or electronics need to be dealt with immediately, or else you are putting yourself and other road users in harm’s way.

Don’t be tricked into writing off seemingly more minor issues as “merely cosmetic”. For example, a damaged windshield will shatter more easily and offer less protection in an accident. Similarly, a partially crumpled body panel will not provide the shock absorption it was designed to during a crash, meaning your safety rating might have dropped from 5-stars to 3. Small collision repair is something we deal with every day, so you can rest assured you are in experienced hands.

But what about when it comes down to really small damage – things like rock chips, tiny dings, and paint scratches?


The primary concern in any of those scenarios listed above is rust. The body panels of your car are protected by layers of primer, paint, and clear coat. Even small chinks in your vehicle’s armour leave the metal vulnerable to corrosion, and rust happens fast.

If left exposed to the elements, body panels with small damage will become seriously damaged by corrosion. A small chip is simple and inexpensive to deal with up front, but once that chip has turned your door into a crumbly piece of rust, the repair becomes a different story altogether.


If you plan on selling your vehicle on the used market, any cosmetic damage seriously reduces its value. The question is often, “will the cost of the repair be more than I will get when I sell it?” Usually the answer is no; the repair is worth it. Selling a “clean” car is easier and far more lucrative than selling a rust time-bomb.


Minor autobody repair is a small upfront cost that will prevent serious body work down the road. It’s definitely worth it to get small dings and chips repaired as soon as possible, luckily, we can usually take care of those issues for you for even less than your insurance deductible. Bring your small repairs to us and we can get you back on the road sooner than you thought and without an insurance hike.

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