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Self-Healing Ceramic Coatings

This term is thrown around a lot. What can you expect from “Self-Healing” ceramic coatings?

In the old days, every little scratch or soft spot from acidic bird droppings in your car’s paint meant a trip to the shop for an expensive and inconvenient repair. But thanks to new development in ceramic coating technology, this nuisance can be completely avoided. The latest innovation in ceramic coatings is “self-healing” technology. When you purchase a new car or have just had your paint refinished, a self-healing ceramic coating will let you effortlessly maintain the quality of your car’s finish for years to come. Here’s how it works:

When you bring your rig in for a premium ceramic coating at Island Detail, we start by giving your vehicle a complete hand wash and dry, clay bar treatment, and polish; that means that your paint will be in the best shape possible before applying the coating itself. If any paint correction needs to be done (scratches or chips), we’ll let you know before proceeding with the repair.

What Does “Self Healing” Mean?

Once the paint is perfect, it’s time for the coating. At Island Detail, we use the highest quality ceramic coatings available. When comparing coating don’t be misled by “hardness”, as it can be a deceiving metric. Extremely hard coatings are easily scratched, so while they protect your paint, you will see the scratch in the ceramic coating.

Self healing coatings have an elastic quality that allows the pressure of a scratch to be spread out over a large surface area and absorbed. Imagine trying to draw a line with your finger in honey – as soon as the line appears, it starts to fade until the surface is smooth again.

Different coatings achieve self-healing properties through different mechanisms. Some coatings incorporate nano-particles that are attracted to each other, thus flowing back together after a scratch through a process known as “auto-mechanical self-healing”. Others need a gentle application of heat (through a heat gun or hot water) for the self-healing properties to function.

Ceramic Coatings at Island Detail

The treatments we use at Island Detail protect your car’s paint for years against chemical damage (often caused by bird droppings and tree sap), UV damage, minor scratches, and water spots.

Your vehicle will be more beautiful than ever, but you will also be amazed with how easy it is to clean. Water immediately beads off and doesn’t get a chance to leave unsightly spots. Just give us a call to remove the guess work from your maintenance routine and take your car’s exterior to the next level.

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