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5 Ways To Remove a Bumper Sticker

  • February 18, 2019
Maybe your guy lost the election, or maybe you got a killer deal with a car that's been plastered in cheesy or tasteless stickers. Restore your ride with these tricks.
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Minor Details: (rest)room for improvement

  • December 14, 2015
Life is in the details. These very smart city planners didn't treat restrooms as an afterthought, they made them a focal point, a talking piece, and a landmark for visitors to see and locals to be proud of.
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103 out of 100

  • August 31, 2015
See how Tesla's Model S didn't just get a perfect score from consumer reports, it actually broke their entire scoring system. Check it out in this week's "By the Numbers."
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Minor Details: Mirror Image

  • March 26, 2015
We are always striving for a mirror finish on all of the vehicles we detail, but this Ferrari (which you can see driving around Victoria) definitely takes the cake.
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Top Posts of 2014

  • January 7, 2015
The new year has us feeling reflective. We did a year of blogging, contests, and built a new website to help us share more easily with our customers. Here are the top 5 posts of 2014, we hope you enjoy!
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Minor Details: 3 Wheels (1 Door)

  • September 30, 2014
Details matter, and sometimes changing one thing changes everything. A new company out of Phoenix, Arizona called "Elio" is proposing a new kind of automobile.
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