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Is it a Ding, or is it a Dent?

What's the difference between a dent and a ding? Does it matter? How are they repaired? Answers to all those questions, and more, right here. Small differences have big consequences.
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How We Heal Curb Rash

Our results are so good that some have accused us of witchcraft - here is our full explanation. Rim Repair at Island Color can restore even the nastiest cases of rim rash. Learn more right here.
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How Good is Collision Repair?

Minor damage can be majorly heartbreaking. If you take pride in your vehicle, you might be wondering just how good a repair from a small collision repair shop can be. Here is the answer.
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Do All Colours Fade the Same?

Our car's colour affects more than just looks; certain colours heat up more than others, some are more visible on the road, etc. But how does car colour affect the rate at which the paint fades?
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Bumper Repair is Important

Repairing a damaged bumper is an often neglected part of vehicle maintenance. We think bumper repair should be treated with more urgency than it typically is, and here is why.
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Finding Your Perfect Detailing Shop

The key to finding a good detailing shop is... in the details (sorry). Here is a little guide to help you sort through all the options and find the perfect detailing shop for you and your car.
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How to Care for Paint Repair

Our technicians put a ton of work into making your paint repair as beautiful as possible. Here are some tips to help you protect that incredible finish. The first two months are critical.
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Can Coatings Get Water Spots?

Some people will tell you that ceramic coatings are immune to water spots - these people are wrong. The good news is that it's relatively easy to protect your coated car from water spots.
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